Things To Do In Winter Park

Biking Capital in Winter Park

Winter Park is the perfect spot for all adventure seekers, holiday-makers, and everyone simply looking to have a good time outdoors. The small town is filled with plenty of outdoor activities, scenic sights, and fun things to do.

If you’re not sure where to go first, carry on reading as we list the must-see attractions of Winter Park:

Winter Park Biking Capital

Take On The Magical Slopes of Winter Park

While the town might be called Winter Park, it is truly a winter wonderland. For all the lovers of snow and winter weather, the magical snowy slopes of Winter Park are sure to make you happy.

Named after the town, the Winter Park Resort is the biggest and most popular attraction in Winter Park. The 75-year-old ski resort is one of the oldest resorts in the area and one which draws thousands of visitors every year. Featuring over 3000 acres of award-winning natural terrain, skiers of all skill levels are catered to at the resort. While slightly smaller, Granby Ranch is another fantastic ski resort in Winter Park. With nearly 2000 acres of ski opportunities and two mountain slopes to take on, locals and tourists alike love Granby Ranch.

Explore Mountain Bike Capital

While Winter Park is the perfect ski destination, it is actually known as the Mountain Bike Capital of the US. This is thanks to the town having over 600 miles of mountain bike trails. Biking enthusiasts are sure to have an absolute ball of a time navigating these fantastic trails. Winter Park offers some of the most beautiful vistas, most of which can be viewed along the town’s many biking trails. The town has several bike rental companies, guided bike rides, and beginner trails.

Try Your Luck At Trout Fishing

Colorado is known as Trout Fishing Country, and at the heart of it, you’ll find Winter Park. Winter Park is home to some of the country’s most beautiful rivers, streams, and mountain lakes. With thousands of miles of trout fishing opportunities, you’re sure to leave Winter Park with a fantastic catch.

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