Top Things To Do In Georgetown

best Georgetown Mountain Pass

Georgetown is a historic little town found in Clear Creek County, Colorado. The town once played a significant role in the silver mining industry and was called the “Silver Queen of Colorado.” Today the Silver Queen is a sleepy town that serves as a fantastic vacation resort for those looking for a quiet getaway. Planning your next trip to Georgetown? These are some of its must-see attractions:

Mountain Pass in Georgetown

Guanella Pass

The Guanella Pass allows visitors to take a scenic drive through the Colorado Rockies. This beautiful stretch connects the historic Georgetown to nearby Grant. For the more adventurous sort, biking along the pass is a great way to get your daily workout in while admiring the Rockies. There are also hiking, camping, and walking opportunities available along the pass.

Skiing In Loveland

The Loveland Ski Resort is home to some of the most beautiful ski terrain in the Georgetown area. The Loveland slopes offer fantastic views and skiing opportunities for skiers of all ages and skill levels. The resort also has excellent mountain dining spots, childcare facilities, mountain cabins, and more.

Georgetown Lake

Georgetown Lake is a beautiful 55-acre reservoir located right next to the city of Georgetown. While it is man-made, the reservoir still provides stunning views and scenery, making it a great location to spend summer afternoons lazying in its waters or catching a fish or two.

Loveland Pass

The Loveland Pass is a beautiful high mountain pass that provides some of the most scenic views of the Rocky Mountain Range. If you’re someone that needs to escape to the mountains for a bit of peace and quiet, then the Loveland Pass is the perfect route. The pass allows visitors to marvel at the beauty of Mother Nature.

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