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From full replacement to minor repairs and anything in between, roofing company Integrity Pro Roofing is proud to offer a range of commercial roofing services in Colorado Rockies. We guarantee our work and demand the highest level of service from all our Colorado Rockies roofing experts, so you can rest assured your business property is in good hands. For affordable and reliable roofing services of all types, give Colorado Rockies’ top-rated roofing company a call today or schedule a free estimate online.

Types of Commercial Roofs

For all of your commercial roofing services, from full replacement to minor repairs and anything in between, Integrity Pro Roofing is proud to offer whatever it is you need in the Colorado Rockies. Our work is guaranteed to be the highest level of service, so when you work with our team of roofing experts, you can rest assured that your business property is in good hands. Call today or schedule a free estimate online for affordable and reliable roofing services of all types. 

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular commercial roofing choices in the Colorado Rockies.

Single-Ply Membrane Roofing

Single-Ply Membranes are synthetic, polymer-based roofing materials that provide a single layer of roof protection for your commercial building. If properly maintained, you can utilize these materials vital for insulation and waterproofing for over 30 years. There are 3 main types of single-ply membrane roofs:

Commercial Metal Roofs

For its longevity, durability, and ease of maintenance, it’s easy to see why metal has quickly become the standard roofing material for commercial buildings. It’s for good reason, however, the initial investment is much higher upfront than other commercial roof solutions.

Built-Up Roofing (BUR)

Often referred to as “tar and gravel” roofs, Built-Up Roofing is an older form of commercial roofing. Commonly on low-slope roofs, they are made of layers of bitumen, ply sheets, and surfacing material. BURs are better suited to warmer climates and tend to last longer there. While it’s a great option in terms of waterproofing and maintenance, the installation does involve several hazardous fumes.

Modified Bitumen

Modified bitumen is a popular modern roofing material installed on commercial buildings that is easy to repair and maintain. Made from asphalt, and often installed on low-slope or flat roofing systems, the standard modified bitumen system is a two-ply system installed in rolls. Many experts rate its tear-resistance as one of its strongest features against commercial roofing alternatives.

Commercial roofing experts Colorado Rockies

Commercial Roofing Services We Offer

Commercial Roof Installation

A new roof installation is no small investment for any business, and it goes a long way for making the most out of the building itself. Integrity Pro Roofing understands the significance of this and will endeavor to advise you every step of the way. With our expert experience in installing commercial roofing, we’re confident the job will be done perfectly, on time and on budget. We install commercial roofing systems from single-ply to flat to spray foam roofs to multi-family roofing structure.

Commercial Roof Replacement

Integrity Pro Roofing will always advocate for repairs before replacement, but in some cases a roof replacement is simply inevitable. This is especially true in the commercial space where staff and expensive equipment could be compromised. We guarantee the highest level of workmanship each and every time we complete a commercial roof replacement service.

Commercial Roof Repair

Sometimes all it takes to get a roof as good as new is a great repair job. Roofing contractor Integrity Pro Roofing will help you determine whether a repair or replacement is the most viable option. We thrive off a good repair job and are eager to lend our expertise to businesses in Colorado Rockies to increase the longevity and effectiveness of their commercial roof.

Commercial Roof Maintenance

Regular roof maintenance is vital to help minimize the likelihood of constant repairs or an entire roof replacement, eventually saving costs too. These regular checks will uncover small issues over time which, if left unchecked, could result in even bigger, more expensive issues. Our commercial roof maintenance plan costs only $147 yearly and includes 2 scheduled full roof inspections to catch any issues early. Easily extend the life of your roof and save you thousands in repair work down the road.  Speak to roofing company Integrity Pro Roofing about our commercial roof maintenance plans to safeguard your business against any roofing mishaps throughout the year.

Roof Coatings

A popular feature of commercial roofs, roof coating is valuable for its ability to extend the life of a roof by adding a layer of protection against light, water and other elements. It is also a great temporary, less expensive workaround for a roof replacement. Roofing company Integrity Pro Roofing are the expert roof coaters in Colorado Rockies so you can trust us to add a good few years onto your existing commercial roof.



How long should a commercial roof last?

Two factors will determine the lifespan of a commercial roof: the type of material and whether or not it is regularly maintained. A commercial roof can generally last anything between 20 and 45 years, with the longest lifespan achieved from metal, then asphalt. Single-ply membrane materials tend to yield shorter lifespans, say up to 30 years. Remember, regular maintenance and additional roof coating can add some good couple years onto the life of your commercial roof.

What is the best material to cover a flat roof?

PVC is largely considered the best material for flat roofing amongst roof specialists. They are particularly strong and durable and therefore enjoy a lifespan of up to 30 years with regular maintenance. Other great options for flat roofs include metal (the priciest option), TPO and modified bitumen. As with anything, the best option will be determined by your specific need, preference and budget.

How much does a commercial roof cost?

This will vary according to the material used, but you can work on around $1.50 – $10.00 per square foot. Keep in mind that asphalt will be the on the lower end of this range, single ply membranes in the mid-range and metal and on the higher-end.

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