Metal roofs are becoming more and more popular for Winter Park residents due to their durability, longevity, and versatility. As a beautiful, low-maintenance option that will last for years to come a new metal roof will add major value to your home. If you’ve been considering a metal roof you’ve probably also been wondering what it will cost.  

Average Cost for New Metal Roof in Winter Park

The average cost to install a new metal roof in Winter Park is between $7,000 and $37,000 – usually around $7.00 to $10.80 per square foot. This cost will depend on a variety of factors that can increase or decrease the overall cost of the roof. 

Roof Size and Installation Cost

The size of your roof will be one of the biggest factors that will determine the cost of your metal roof. An easy way to estimate the size of your roof is to determine the square footage of your home’s footprint by measuring the perimeter of your property and using that to calculate the surface area. 

  • 1000 square foot roof: $7,000 to $10,800
  • 1500 square foot roof: $10,500 to $16,200
  • 2000 square foot roof: $15,000 to $21,600
  • 2500 square foot roof: $17,500 to $27,000
  • 3000 square foot roof: $21,000 to $32,400

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Type of Metal

Metal roofs come in a wide variety of materials which can have a big impact on the ultimate cost of your new roof.  

Aluminum Roof

Aluminum roofs are an affordable metal roofing option for Winter Park homeowners with excellent durability, corrosion resistance, and eco-friendliness.  

Steel Roof

Steel roofs are popular for their excellent durability and impact resistance as well as their endless style options and energy efficiency. 

Copper Roof

Copper roofs are much more expensive than other metal roofing materials, and, in fact, more expensive than most other roofing materials in general. While their cost is high, copper roofs are beautiful and classic and are sure to increase your home’s value. 

Style of Roof

In addition to different materials, metal roofing systems come in a variety of styles that will impact the cost of your installation in Winter Park. 

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Standing Seam Metal Roof

Standing seam metal roofs are a popular choice due to their hidden fasteners. The interlocking panels create a watertight seal making standing seam metal roofs one of the most reliable roofing systems available, today. 

Corrugated Metal Roof

Corrugated metal roofs are made from metal rolled into a wavy pattern which enhances the strength of the material. These roofs are more common in industrial applications but are growing in popularity for residential roofs with their lightweight durability. 

Metal Shingles

Metal shingles are a very popular option for residents in Winter Park that are in search of a metal roof. While they’re typically more expensive than panels, metal shingles have all the durability and longevity benefits of metal while offering the style of other materials like slate, clay, and cedar. 

Other Factors That Impact Roof Cost

The size of your roof and the material chosen for the roof aren’t the only factors that will impact the cost of your new metal roof in Winter Park. There are a wide variety of things to consider that will change the cost of your roof. 

Roof Pitch

The pitch of the roof refers to how steep the roof is. Pitch can play a big role in the ultimate size of the roof which will impact the cost. As a general rule, the steeper a roof gets the more expensive it will be to install. 

Roof Complexity

Roof complexity will also play a role in the size of the roof which can increase the materials and labor needed for the roof installation. More complex roofs will be more expensive to install than very simple roofs.  

New Install or Re-Roof 

Many people don’t consider the removal of an existing roof when they think of the cost to install their new roof. A metal roof installation on a brand new construction building will be less expensive than the replacement of an existing roof due to the costs associated with removing and disposing of the old roof.  

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