Have you noticed evidence of leaks in your commercial building? If so, then it is time to reevaluate the condition of your roof and possible solutions. Coating the roof could be easier and more economical in the long run, depending on the findings of your inspection. 

What exactly is roof coating?

Before we can determine how it would save money on a commercial property, we need to flush out just what roof coating is. In simple terms, a roof coating is a polymer-based liquid compound that is either rolled or sprayed directly onto an existing surface. This coating will extend the life of your current roof without replacement. It adds a layer of protection against light, water, and other elements. It also is a great way to prevent cracks, corrosion, and other exterior damage. 

Roof coating, commercial roof

What are the ways that commercial roof coating can save me money? 

Save Money

The cost of a total roof replacement on a commercial roof can be quite expensive. However, a roof coating is a fraction of the full-replacement cost, yet still offers the protection the building needs. In some instances, the savings can be 30 to 60% of coating vs. replacement. 

Save Energy

The reflective surface helps to save on energy bills so the AC won’t be running as much. That is a huge saving for the owner as well as the environment. Some coatings can reduce roof and interior temperatures by as much as 10 degrees. 


When a roof gets to the end of its lifespan, rather than replacing it completely, a coating can extend its life. Roof coating offers minimal waste. Considering that landfills are filled with old roofing material, a coating is one way of saving our landfills from unnecessary waste.

Easy Installation

Commercial roofing, roof coating

The process of coating a roof is relatively simple. There is no need to close your business due to excessive noise pollution or nasty smells. Roof coating does not offer either of these unpleasant events. Your business can continue as usual, without disruption or hassle. 

Tax Savings

Who doesn’t like to save on their taxes? Especially when it is for a business! You can receive tax benefits in the form of energy savings. Make sure you check with your local tax professional to maximize the benefits and savings. 

Prevent Roof Damage

Cracks do occur in rooftops, and sealing them completely can help prevent future costly repairs. UV rays can be harsh on roofs, but a strong sealant of coating can mitigate any damage. The liquid polymer simply oozes into the cracks and corrosion and seals them up. 

What is the process of roof coating? 

Integrity Pro Roofing in Denver has created a simple process for sealing your commercial roof. 

  1. A thorough cleaning of the roof to ensure a smooth coating finish
  2. Coating is applied. Your current roofing material will determine the type. 
  3. Review the finished product and discuss long-term maintenance options. 

We have over a decade of experience in roofing and we treat each project as if it were our own. We believe in taking care of your roofing project quickly and efficiently, offering a hassle-free roof experience. 

We have countless positive reviews from your friends and neighbors. Trust us will your commercial roofing needs! 

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