Roofing encompasses a lot more work and services than you might think. If you think of roofs, you likely think of torn shingles, repairs, and leaks. But commercial roofing is a lot more than that. Integrity Pro Roofing can help you with a variety of services across residential and commercial dwellings. If you’ve got a problem and don’t know who to turn to, you may be surprised to find out the answer is actually your local roofer. But the best way to start out is with a call.

Did you know your roofers can handle problems with your seamless gutters? They can help with flash flooding problems in your home? How about how your roofer can help you lower your energy bills or have a more ecosystem friendly home? There’s a lot more a roofer can offer you than repaired shingles after a rainstorm or a survey of potential leaks. You and your family can benefit from looking at all the services we offer and all the ways we’ve helped our customers.

Energy Efficiency

Are your home energy bills higher than you want them to be? There’s a lot that can go into an AC overrunning or heat escaping during the winter. There’s multiple ways you could be overpaying and losing energy in your home. But if you’ve exhausted all the options you can think of, it might be time to turn to a roofer. Certain roofing materials can cause you to lose heat or cool air over the course for a season or cause temperature fluctuations in the home. On top of that a roofer can help you with installation of any renewable energy equipment, such as solar panels.


The way your roof disperses water during a rainstorm is a lot more important than you might think. Roofers are responsible for making sure your gutters are working properly and not suffering from clogs, which helps with the dispersal of runoff water. But the way your roof is designed and the materials it uses are also important to keep an eye on where water is concerned. Improperly dispersed runoff can cause major issues if the water is all pooling in one spot after a rainstorm. While you may look to landscapers if you have flooding issues, the root of it may be in the design of your roof.


Do you winterize your home? Do you do it properly? For many of us living in areas where the winters are harsh, winterizing is important to a safe and happy home during the winter. You may not look to your roof for this, while working on sealing drafts in the home or making sure the pool is covered. But your roof is integral to your home and during the winter, as heavy snowfalls accumulate, you need to make sure your roof is prepared for the weather.

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