Don’t ignore the warning signs of a damaged roof. If you procrastinate on repairing your roof right away, you’re more likely to spend extra money getting it fixed. Luckily, there are many red flags that indicate your roof needs repair or replacement. Discover the top signs of roof disrepair at Integrity Pro Roofing.

Issues with Shingles

Shingle issues are a common occurrence for aging roofs. Review these general shingle issues below to find out whether you should contact a professional to fix or replace them.

Curling and buckling

Older roofs weather and age. The best way to spot signs of aging is with curling shingles. Take a look at your roof during midday, when direct sunlight hits the roof. You’ll be able to see any curling shingles or excess of granules on the roof. Curling is when individual shingles crinkle up around the edges or rise in the middle. Some shingles will also become brittle and break apart. When this happens, shingles will need replacing to avoid outside elements from entering your home. These older shingles are less likely to stand up against harsh weather conditions, causing leaks and water damage.

Missing shingles

Missing shingles is common because of the harsh Colorado weather changes. Having a few tabs missing is okay, but an excess of missing shingles can cause water leakage into your home. Replacing a few missing asphalt shingle roofing yourself is an easy fix if you have some leftover from the initial roof installation. However, replacing missing tabs with unmatched shingles causes more harm than good. Call a professional for a quick assessment of your roof to find out if the missing shingles will result in a full replacement.

Excess of granules

Granules after install are normal. But an excess of them from an aged roof indicates that its life cycle is nearly over. Check gutters for an influx of granules, as well as your roof for any dark spots or abnormal coloring. Granules may not seem important, but they help protect your roof from harsh sunlight and help keep your roof intact.

Signs of a Leaky Roof

If your roof is leaking, you’ll want to find the problem and fix it right away. Consider these two common signs of a leaky roof.

Interior Stains

Water seepage occurs from faulty or deteriorating shingles. Check for excessive moisture and water stains around your home – specifically in the attic or places underneath the roof. A roofing technician can also assess the damage and let you know whether the leakage is from your roof and how to fix the issue.


An excess of water can also cause the growth of mold and mildew. Although some small water leaks or spots may seem inconsequential, these spots can cause irreparable damage over time. Inspect places around the chimney, attic, skylights, and windows for mold and mildew growth caused by water spots.

Contact expert roofers in Denver to handle repairs ASAP. If you don’t act quickly, a simple repair job will not be enough to remedy the issue and a full commercial roof replacement will be required.