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When a home is better insulated, it is more efficient, comfortable, and quiet. Reinsulation is one of the most cost-effective ways to reduce energy waste and help lower your energy bills each month. Do you have high heating bills and ice dams in the winter? These are large signs that your home is lacking insulation.

Insulating your home isn’t just about using less energy to reduce your monthly energy bills, it also reduces the negative impact on the environment. If you notice your attic is fairly warm it is an important sign you should have it inspected by an Integrity Pro Roofing professional.

Roof Insulation FAQs


What’s the most common type of insulation material used in the Colorado Rockies?

For optimal energy efficiency, Integrity Pro Roofing recommends a minimum of R49 to R60 of insulation blow in Colorado Rockies’ homes. Along with the insulation, having an adequate number of chutes (or rafter vents) installed is a must. This allows proper ventilation in the attic, without these, air will get trapped which creates moisture and leads to mold.

How long does insulation last?

Most insulation materials will last 20-30 years

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