Icicles are so pretty when lining a wintery home scene in Denver neighborhoods. They dangle with such majesty,  inviting mischievous children to hit them and run away with excitement. 

However, when we truly look at what icicles are, and how they are formed we realize there is more to the story. They are an indication of potentially costly problems. 

Let’s discuss just what causes icicles, which are ice dams, and the danger they can hold. 

Ice dams Denver

What are Ice Dams? 

Ice dams are blockages of ice formed on the edge of your roof. The blockage prevents water from melted snow and ice from flowing freely through the gutters and downspouts. The temperature changes in your roof cause the buildup to occur. As indoor heat rises in your home, it warms the surface of your roof. The warming effect causes snow and ice to melt. As the day progresses into the night, temperatures drop, causing this snow and ice to refreeze. This creates a buildup in your gutter system. It can become quite heavy, and in time, pulls your gutter system away from your roof. Icicles are formed when the dammed-up water seeps over the top of the gutter and freezes. If Ice dams already made an damage on your roofs you can contact us!

How To Prevent Ice Dams

Clean out your gutters

One of the wisest ways to keep ice dams at bay is to inspect your gutter system on a regular basis. Cleaning out your gutters from any debris or buildup will assist melting water to flow freely. 

Items to look for when cleaning out your gutters include

  • Leaves
  • Plants 
  • Miscellaneous debris
  • Birds and nests 

Squirrels, mice, birds, and other small critters love to make their homes in gutters. So be aware of what they may be creating in yours. 

Use a snow rake

A snow rake is a useful tool used in removing excess snow from your roof area. The average snowfall in Denver is 56.5 inches, with March being the snowiest month of all, at 11.3 inches on average. Thankfully, this amount of snow does not all fall at once! It is wise to make a purchase at your local hardware store just to be prepared for the heavy snowfalls Denver is accustomed to. 

Add insulation

There is a possibility the amount insulation in your roof is not enough. A simple inspection can assess whether more needs to be added.  A second benefit to increasing the amount of  insulation will be the decrease in electric bills. You will lose less heat out of the roof when proper insulation is involved, thus decreasing the event of ice dams. 


How can I remove ice dams if I have them?

Hot water

Science tells us that the opposite of ice is heat. Therefore, to effectively remove ice dams would be to gently run hot water through the gutters to begin the flow of water through the downspouts. This procedure must be done with great care and safety. A ladder could easily fold underneath you, creating injury. 

Contacting a professional roofer would be a safer alternative. Skilled roofers understand ladder procedures and are equipped to carefully remove the ice dam with ease and efficiency. Calling Integrity Pro Roofing in Denver is a wise solution. They have been working in the local area for over 10 years and are skilled in assisting with your inspection and roofing needs. (For more fast fixes of your ice dams click here!)

Heated Cable

It is best to discuss with your local professional roofer whether this is a wise option or not. For some homes, installing heated cables can be a great advantage in preventing future ice dams. However, other options may be more suited. Integrity Pro Roofers can offer a no-pressure, 100% honest inspection of your gutter and roofing system to determine the best solution for you. 

Ice dams are an indication of a possibly deeper, more complex problem. While they do offer some frustration for the short term, the solutions are easy to accomplish and future costly repairs can be kept at bay. 

Contact Integrity Pro Roofers in Denver who can guide you through safe proper procedures to eliminate future complications with ice dams. The comfort of your home is vital and Integrity Pro Roofers treat your home as if it were their own.