Have you been considering hiring a Denver roofing contractor? Repairing, restoring, or replacing a roof is a long, risky process and needs a certain level of skill and experience to do it right. Improperly working on a roof could result in a variety of bad results, including the potential of personal injury or loose shingles. Hiring a professional eliminates this risk and guarantees that you’ll get the job done correctly the first time, but what are the biggest reasons you should be enlisting the help of a roofing contractor?

4 Top Reasons To Contact A Roofing Contractor

Worrying your roof may be compromised is a scary feeling to endure. In many ways, your roof is the proof of stability and protection from the world when you’re home. At home, you sleep and trust that you are protected and safe from the outside world – a damaged roof in need of repairs threatens that. When any of these 4 things happen, it’s important to contact a roofing contractor to assess the damage and roof repair the problems instead of trying to investigate on your own.

1. Heavy Storms

The wind, rain, and threats of lightning can be detrimental to your roof. For some areas, heavy storms can be fairly common, and roofs may be designed to survive these conditions; but that won’t ring true for every home. A roof contractor can look at your roof storm damage and give you an estimate of what all it can take. You should still reach out and get a professional to come and give your roof a check-up after any heavy storm, just to be safe.

2. Severe Weather

You’d be surprised how much damage natural causes can inflict on your home’s roof. From hail to flying debris like branches or pebbles, severe weather can wreak havoc on the top of your house. Anytime there is hail or strong winds, or in a worst case scenario a tornado warning, you should contact a roofing contractor to come and check on the integrity of your roof. Hail is a very dangerous element to a roof, so it’s very likely that the hail could have caused loose shingles. This will grow as a problem, creating leaks or broken parts of the roof.

3. Natural Aging

Typically, every 20 years maximum, you should get your roof repaired or restored. This could be as simple as improving the strength of your shingles or getting a whole remodeling done. A contractor can take a look and better advise you on a course of action to ensure your roof is in good quality for protecting the home beneath it and it’s residents inside.

4. Leaks or Damages

Finally, the most obvious reason you’ll need to call for a roof contractor is if you notice leaks. A leaky roof is a recipe for disaster because it usually indicates a worse issue. Damages, missing shingles, broken pieces, or even holes in your roof could be the cause of these leaks, so immediate attention is required, and a professional is the best one for the job. Call the best roofing contractor like Integrity Pro Roofing, which has dealt with all kinds of roofing trouble and can give you excellent solutions and prices for fixing the damage.