Roof replacement is a common home improvement project for homeowners. Since it’s one of the most expensive projects for your home, it’s essential to find a trustworthy and qualified roofing contractor for the job. Climate, project length, and roofing issues can also affect your choice of roofing contractor. Here are the qualifications to look for in a Denver roofing contractor so your next roof replacement is as seamless as possible.

Ensure the Roofing Contract has Correct Insurance

In Colorado, roofing contractors are not required to hold a state license, says HomeAdvisor. They are, however, required to hold a business license for their services, worker’s compensation if they have other employees, and liability insurance in case of injury. When interviewing potential roofing contractors for your project, be sure to ask about these insurances and licenses. You can also reach out to their insurance carrier to make sure everything is up to date. Having the correct insurances and licenses ensures that you and the contractor are protected if something were to go wrong during the project.

Check for Local Credibility

Choosing a local contractor is an extremely important benefit. Not only will a local roofing contractor know how to handle the challenges that come with Denver’s climate, they are also more likely to have an established reputation. Local credibility means that your contractor is a reliable roofing business in Denver and performs quality work for the community.

Additionally, many contractors offer a warranty on their work or products. If the contractor business moves or closes within that time frame, you’ll lose that warranty on your new roof. A contractor with local credibility, however, is more likely to have a long-standing business and reputation.

References Are a Must-Have Qualification

A roofing contractor that’s willing and able to provide valid references is a telling sign that they’re the right company for hire. References are a great way to make sure that the contractor you’re interested in has had success in the past and is a trustworthy option for your home improvement project. This can also help save money down the road on any additional repairs needed and ensures pricing is accurate. References from other homeowners verify that the contractor of your choosing provides reliable work, meets deadlines, and uses the correct materials.

What should you do if a company hesitates to provide references? Search for a different company instead, suggests HomeAdvisor.

Take Note of Communication Skills

A contractor who offers thorough communication from the first point of contact is essential for your roofing renovation. This ensures that all expectations are met throughout the project and the work you need done is completed correctly. Pay attention to how company representatives speak to you on the phone and in person. If the contractor and their representatives are open-minded, communicative, and good listeners, your flat roofing project is sure to be completed on time.

Hire a Local Denver Roofing Contractor You Can Trust

Integrity Pro Roofing is a dedicated, local Denver Roofing Contractor that prioritizes our customers’ needs. We value our client’s opinions and are here to provide an exceptional professional experience no matter the project. With seven years of experience in the Metro Denver area, your roofing renovation is in good hands.