new asphalt shingle roof

Staying up to date with your roof repairs and replacements is important for the care and upkeep of your home. Without a fully functional roof, you’re putting both your family (including yourself) and your belongings at risk. It’s recommended by experts in the industry to get your roof checked for damages after each heavy storm, long duration of time, or before putting your house on the market. But, if you want to avoid the stress of missing damages, here are some Denver roofing clues that you’re due for a repair or replacement.

5 Key Signs You Need A New Roof

If you’re looking for a sign your roof is in need of some TLC, here are five obvious ways to get a better idea of the status of the integrity of your roof. Make sure you’re caught up on Denver’s safe roofing ordinance, too.

1. Disfigured Shingles

The most common sign your roof is in need of a replacement is when the shingles give it away. You may begin to notice the shingles curling upwards, buckling, or even cracking and beginning to chip away as your roof ages. This is a key sign it’s time to look at the budget and start planning for a roof replacement.

2. Missing & Loose Shingles

What’s worse than damaged shingles? Shingles that are gone entirely, or just nearly about to be. When your asphalt shingle roofs begin  to lose that key, protective layer, it’s a goner, unfortunately. If you begin to notice broken shingle bits in your gutters, yard, or falling off in wind or rain, it’s time to give us a call and get your roof fixed back up.

3. Moisture

One of the biggest red flags your roof will give is any leaks coming down from the ceiling. Now, sometimes this can be due to a pipe issue, but it’s important to investigate your roof to be sure. If you walk across the metal roofs and it sinks under your feet, like a sponge or other soft material, that means excess moisture is leaking under the shingles. This could damage your home if left ignored.

4. An Old Roof

Like mentioned above, as your roof ages, the reliability of it will decrease. A roof that is between the ages of 20-25 will need, at the very least, some minor repairs to hold its strength. Unfortunately, this age-frame is about the average duration of life for a roof, unless it’s been built and fortified with additional materials or higher quality resources. Most roofs will be in great need of replacement after a couple of decades, but with careful upkeep, you can prolong it’s life past this estimate.

5. Inconsistent Roof Coloring

In your yard, take as many steps back as you can to get the best look at your roof. If you have a drone, use it to get a good image of your roof. What do you see? If there are spots of discolored shingles or dark patches across your roof, these are signs you need a replacement.

It’s our goal to bring you pointers that are helpful and inspiring. Contact Integrity Pro Roofing today with any thoughts or questions for honest and free feedback. We look forward to talking with you!