So, you’re looking to hire a roofer and you’re not sure where to start. You’ve asked around for some local recommendations and found a lot of potential places nearby. You’ve perused their websites and taken a look at their portfolio of past work. You like what you see but now it’s time to dig deeper. While you may turn to About Us pages and policies you find on their website, the best course of action to understand how well a company works and the quality of the product they deliver is not going to be what they tell you at all.

Customer reviews and testimonials are among the most honest and best ways to understand what a roofing company can do for you and what working with one will be like. Google, Facebook, and other platforms have ways of making sure reviews are genuine, from people who were confirmed to hire the company, so you know you’re seeing responses from people just like you. They can tell you a lot about surprise costs, work quality, timeliness, and a whole lot more.

About Price

A lot of commercial roofing companies may put job estimates on their site or even give you a formula-produced quote if you give their automated system a little bit of information. But what they don’t tell you outright is these quotes are estimates, not guarantees of cost, and they often don’t factor in labor fees, cost of materials and equipment, or any other surprise fees that may come up. Reviews can tell you if the price promised was the one the customer ultimately got.

About Certificates and Insurance

Your roofer needs to be insured for their work. They also, depending on where they operate, need to have certain certificates in order to conduct business. Places may say on their websites that they are insured and certified, but you may find out very quickly that’s not the case if reviews show past customers picking up the tab for any mishaps at a job site. Dig around and make sure the person you’re hiring is professional and legitimate in their work

About Timeliness

Did people get an estimate of time for how long a job could take and then find themselves spending weeks still stuck in a job site they never intended to be in? While it’s true that mishaps can happen where shortage of materials, labor, or potential weather problems can slow a job down, you want to make sure the work a roofer is delivering is not habitually late or over budget. A few times is normal for the kind of work we do, multiple times is a pattern that you don’t want working on your home or office building.

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