To roof, or not to roof – that is the $12,000 Denver Roofer Question.

If you are a living, breathing human person reading this article right now, it’s fair to say that you’re aware that asphalt shingle roofs in general are pretty important. (If you’re not a living, breathing human person, we hope you come in peace and we hope you enjoy this read.)

They protect what are arguably our greatest assets – our homes and our businesses. In a similar way to technology, when they work, life is good. When they don’t work, it causes all kinds of issues that if not treated, can result in a huge bill and likely a migraine.

So whether you’re on the fence about having a Denver roofer come do an annual health check-up on your roof, or whether your list of adulting does not include roof maintenance at all, here are 4 reasons to make that phone call and feel really great about your life skills.

A Quality Roof:

1. Saves You $$$

Insurance companies love good, quality metal roofs – in fact, property owners who have approved shingles installed save hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of dollars a year on their premiums. Forget negotiating your cell phone or TV bill; do some digging and get this done!

2. Could Actually Be Free(ish)

If you’ve lived in Colorado for long, you know that we tend to see hailstorms crop up almost every year. Most insurance companies do require claims to be reported within 1 year of the incident date, so make sure to have a roofer inspect for damage FIRST before involving your insurance company. Colorado state law also requires that you pay your deductible, but other than that your roof is free and won’t require the average roof price of $12,000.

3. Weathers Extreme Weather

Winter is coming – and as of the past few weeks, is actually here. And though most roofs can’t stand up to a tornado, a good, proper one will be able to handle harsh winds, heavy snow and rainfall, and other intense conditions that the seasons may bring without crumbling to pieces at the first gust. Over time, all roofs will wear out little by little due to the weather and just general lifetime, but high-quality materials will withstand this aging much longer.

4. Raises the Value of the Property

Good news for sellers – the roof is a big factor in determining the value of your home. It will also make any inspection process smooth and lead to a better, faster closing. Keep your investment in your home intact, and don’t risk losing money or slowing the process for your buyers.

The moral of the story is: Get Thee Hence to a Denver Roofer. We feel sure Shakespeare would agree with us. And whether or not you choose to use our services, call Integrity Pro Roofing for an honest, free evaluation of your roof. 303-968-9842