At Integrity Pro Roofing we believe in creating a better future, one nail at a time. We take pride in our expert workmanship and impeccable service. We believe in providing customers with the best advice when it comes to their residential roofing needs. It is because of this that we implore you to think about the possibility of cedar roofing for your home.

Cedarwood has been around for aeons and has stood the test of time when used as a building material. Let us break down some of the benefits of the durable and versatile cedar roof.


Aesthetically Pleasing

Cedarwood shakes provide your home with a rustic atmosphere and natural texture, whereas the cedarwood shingles give your home a more tailored look and feel. The rich red, gold, brown and amber colours of the cedar shakes and shingles add some distinguished tones to your home while enhancing the curb appeal of it at the same time. Your home is bound to stand out from the rest of the houses on your street with the addition of the cedar wood shakes and shingles.



Cedarwood roofing is incredibly durable. Due to its natural strength, it can enhance the strength of your roof structure. Its natural preservatives make it resistant to harmful UV rays, it can withstand severe weather conditions such as wind, rain, hail and snow. When coated with the appropriate treatments, your cedar wood shakes and shingles can be moisture resistant, fire retardant as well as fungus resistant. If you take care of your cedar roof and properly maintain it, your cedar roof can last you up to 50 years, longer than most other roofing options.


Incredible Insulation

Cedar roofing is an excellent choice for Colorado climate. Its natural insulating features keep your home cool during the hot summer months and provides a layer of warmth during the colder seasons. The roofing material will help you save hundreds of dollars on air conditioning due to its incredible insulation.


Pleasant Smell

If you enjoy the outdoors and the sweet smells of nature then you’ll absolutely love the pleasant, natural smells of the cedar wood roofing. The fresh smells of the cedar can add an element of coziness and hominess to your home.


Resale Possibilities

Cedar roofing adds incredible beauty and natural aesthetic to your home. It is because of these features that makes reselling your house that much easier. Choosing a cedar roof automatically increases the reselling price and potential of your home, making it more than just a beautiful roof but a great investment opportunity as well.


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